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NFL Analysis: Is Broncos Tim Tebow the League MVP?

His wind-up is long and mechanically atrocious. He can’t hit the broad side of a barn (or, more accurately, he couldn’t). His completion percentage couldn’t pass a course on any grading curve (or, more accurately, it couldn’t a week ago).

None of that matters. Tim Tebow has entered the NFL Most Valuable Player discussion.

Frankly, he’s the frontrunner in the AFC.  For our money, only Aaron Rodgers should stand above Tebow in the “valuable” department. And that’s only right now.

Give Tim Tebow another four weeks and he may be the unquestioned choice.

Indeed, there’s a realistic chance The Mile High Miracle Man will walk away with the league’s most coveted player award. When you define “valuable” in the context of replacing a player with another on the team, no team in the NFL has a case study quite like the Broncos do with Tebow. They were with 1-4 without him. They’re 6-1 with him.

The schedule favors the trend to continue. The Broncos will host three of their four remaining games at home. Three of their four opponents are currently reeling — the Bears, Bills and Chiefs. It’s dare-we-say likely that the Broncos will finish 3-1 or better down the stretch.

That would mark a winning percentage difference from .200 to .818 by one personnel move. It’s hard to argue a difference like that.

Rodgers is the NFL’s best player, but the loaded Packers would still likely finish 8-8 or better with another quarterback. Tebow is the NFL’s most valuable.


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