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NFL 2010 Draft Pick List, Winners and Losers

2010 NFL Draft First Round Picks:

  1. St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma
  2. Detroit Lions –  Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma
  4. Washington Redskins – Trent Williams, OL Oklahoma
  5. Kansas City Chiefs – Eric Berry, S Tennessee
  6. Seattle Seahawks – Russell Okung, OL Oklahoma St.
  7. Cleveland Browns – Joe Haden, CB Florida
  8. Oakland Raiders – Rolando McClain, LB Alabama
  9. Buffalo Bills – CJ Spiller, RB Clemson
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars – Tyson Aluala, DE California
  11. San Francisco 49ers – Anthony Davis, OL Rutgers
  12. San Diego Charges – Ryan Mathews, RB Fresno State
  13. Philadelphia Eagles – Brandon Graham, DE Michgan
  14. Seattle Seahawks – Earl Thomas, S Texas
  15. New York Giants – Jason Pierre-Paul, DE South Florida
  16. Tennessee Titans – Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech
  17. San Francisco 49ers – Mike Iupati, OL Idaho
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Maurkice Pouncey, C Florida
  19. Atlanta Falcons – Sean Weatherspoon, LB Missouri
  20. Texas Texans – Kareem Jackson, DB Alabama
  21. Cincinnati Bengals – Jermaine Graham, TE Oklahoma
  22. Denver Broncos – Demaryius Thomas, WR Georgia Tech
  23. Green Bay Packers – Bryan Bulaga, OL Iowa
  24. Dallas Cowboys – Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma St.
  25. Denver Broncos – Tim Tebow, QB Florida
  26. Arizona Cardinals – Dan Williams, DT Tennessee
  27. New England Patriots – Devin McCourty, CB Rutgers
  28. Miami Dolphins – Jared Odrick, DE Penn State
  29. New York Jets – Kyle Wilson, CB Boise St
  30. Detroit Lions – Jahvid Best, RB California.
  31. Indianapolis Colts – Jerry Hughes, DE TCU
  32. New Orleans Saints – Patrick Robinson, CB Florida State


St. Louis Rams – This was a hard pick for the Rams to screw up. Bradford was the obvious choice, although he will have a tough road ahead. He has no big-time receivers, a weak offensive line and little time to sit back and learn. Still, if you are cursed with the first pick in the NFL Draft, there are worse players than Sam Bradford.

Detroit Lions – Two great picks in the first round. Ndamukong Suh was arguably the best prospect available in the draft, and he'll secure their defense for years to come. The Lions then traded to get Jahvid Best of California. Best has had injury problems throughout his college career, but he’s a worthwhile gamble for a team desperate for offensive firepower. On pure talent, Best could have been a top-15 draft pick.

Seattle Seahawks – Seattle is another team that made the most out of multiple first round picks. Russell Okung was perhaps the best tackle prospect in the entire draft. He should step in to protect Hasselbeck's blind side. Earl Thomas of Texas should make an immediate difference in the Seahawks’ secondary. A nose for the ball and tough tackling make him the perfect man for Pete Caroll’s defense.

San Francisco 49ers – Two picks seems to be the recipe for success in this year’s draft. With the 11th pick, the Niners got Anthony Davis from Rutgers. Davis is a physical monster who, at the very least, protects the team’s skill players. Mike Iupati is more of the same, a big body that will bolster the line for the 49ers.

Oakland Raiders – Wow. The Raiders actually made a thought-out draft pick in the first round. Was Al Davis out of town? Did they accidentally say Rolando McClain while trying to draft either Ronaldo the soccer sensation or John McClain from the Die Hard series?

To Be Determined:

Denver Broncos – After nabbing WR Demaryius Thomas, who fills a huge hole for them, the Broncos produced the shocker of the day. Trading up, they took Florida quarterback Tim Tebow with the 25th pick. Tebow’s NFL potential is questionable, at best. With other talented quarterbacks available, and likely on the board for the Broncos to get them, there will be people wondering whether Denver took the Florida quarterback too soon. Out of respect to their fans, however, a “wait and see” approach will be taken.


Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jags defined "reaching" by taking DE Tyson Aluala. Aluala was not projected to go this high on anyone’s board, and the pick reeked of a reactionary move.

New York Giants – Amazed by a guy who can do backflips, the New York football Giants selected DE Jason Pierre-Paul. While Pierre-Paul shores up the defense by being a beast physically, he didn't do enough in college. The Giants should have traded down.

Notre Dame Quarterbacks – Yet again, the Fighting Irish are watching their prized quarterback fall deep, deep in the draft. Whereas Brady Quinn escaped embarrassment by being selected late in the first round a few years back, Jimmy Clausen was not as fortunate.


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