NFC South News Round-Up: Saints and Bucs Continue Spending Money

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What a week it has been in the NFC South.  Well, at least for Saints and Buccaneers fans.  Reports out of Atlanta show Falcons fans prescriptions for the depression drug Abilify have skyrocketed the past few days.  Here is what has happened in the NFC South while Thomas Dimitroff has been on vacation.

Despite less cap space than Atlanta, the Saints have been spending cash like it is their birthday.  Saints gave $40 million to Marques Colston.  The only positive I can see here is that some Saints fans question giving $8 million a year to their third leading receiver who has serious injury issues.  Well, at least they lost disappointing Robert Meachem... I guess. 

The Saints lost Pro Bowl left guard Carl Nicks only to sign Pro Bowl left guard Ben Grubbs for way less money.  Grubbs signed a nice 5 year, $36 million deal.  The difference in talent is negligible, so the Saints offense should remain pretty close to the same it was last year.  *sigh*

Tampa Bay has started spending for the first time since... never.  At least this should infuriate Raheem Morris, but Tampa signed previously mentioned Carl Nicks to a 5 year, $47.5 million deal.  What an awesome way to give our defensive tackles a hard time.  

Tampa remained aggressive, signing Vincent Jackson to a 5 year, $55 million contract.  Jackson is a huge target that has been a great deep threat for the Chargers for years, who had a ridiculous 17.5 yards per catch over his career.  I was previously a big fan of Jackson, but signing with the Bucs changed that pretty quickly.

Continuing their plan to overpay every top free agent, the Buccaneers accidentally (I assume it was an accident) corner back Eric Wright to a 5 year, $37.5 million deal.  While this upgrades Tampa's secondary, it does not improve much.  Rotoworld describes Wright as having "been toasted with frequency."  

Despite overpaying just about everyone, Tampa balked at Curtis Lofton's asking price.  Despite making a "strong push" for Lofton, he remains a free agent.

Self described "life coach" Jeremy Shockey is attempting to show the league he has changed in order to land a deal in free agency by responding to his old teammate's claim he was a jerk.  Those responses include calling Amani Toomer "the lazy one that broke my leg!!" and alleged Toomer urinated on his ex-wife's clothes.  This man of rapidly declining skills clearly exudes class, which you should know already when he was double fisting drinks during the Giants Superbowl.

The Panthers also continued to employ Derek Anderson, likely due to some dirt he has on head coach Ron Rivera.  I honestly see no other reason he would be signed to another year in Carolina, unless they just had to have an inaccurate interception-throwing machine.

Now can someone tell Thomas Dimitroff free agency started a few days ago?

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