NFL Analysis: Newton Gets 21 on Wonderlic


Ah, the Wonderlic test. Given to every player at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. Other than the individual interviews with teams, where they try to see what you know about reading coverages and different formations, this is the “smarts” part of the combine.

It’s 50 questions (resembling IQ test) that you have to answer in 12 minutes. Your score is the amount that you got right in that time. So when Vince Young got a six back in 2006, it kind of showed you a lot about his mental capacity.

Here are some of the scores for this year’s class of QB’s. Auburn’s Cam Newton got a somewhat respectable 21. That’s not too bad, but it is a little short of the 24 that’s the average for quarterback.s

Greg McElroy got a 43, FSU’s Christian Ponder a 35, Ricky Stanzi dropped a 30, Andy Dalton got a 29 and Ryan Mallett scored 26. Washington’s Jake Locker broke down years worth of racial stereotypes by getting just a 20.


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