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New York Yankees Blame StubHub for Weak Ticket Sales

The New York Yankees aren’t selling enough tickets. And rather than look at their own absurd ticket prices — they have the second priciest average ticket in MLB at $52 per ticket — they’re pointing the finger at StubHub.

The online ticket reseller serves the official partner of the Yankees, who get a cut every time there’s a resale, even for over face value. Of course, when the tickets were selling out and over face value, the Yankees were thrilled. Now that demand has gone down and tickets are cheap on StubHub, they’re throwing the ticket reseller under the bus.

“We believe there are serious issues with the StubHub relationship,” team president Randy Levine told The Post yesterday. “We are actively reviewing more fan-friendly alternatives for next year.”

To you and me, fan-friendly alternatives might include lowering the price of tickets, but not to the Yankees. And keep in mind that the Yankees received $1.2 billion in public subsidies from the same fans that they are gouging at the box office (and turning a profit on again via the secondary market).


(h/t Deadspin)

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