New York Teens Get Suspended for Tebowing

Wait. What? High School Athletes suspended for Tebowing in a school hallway? C’mon.

Last week I went to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in NYC and right in front of Radio City Music Hall there were five High School age kids stopping traffic as they were Tebowing in the middle of 6th Avenue. By the time the police arrived to break it up they had moved to the next block and apparently were Tebowing all around town. Had the police gotten there in time I’m quite certain the innocent kids would have been shewed away like pigeons with a chuckle and not taken into custody.

Apparently the folks at Riverhead H.S. in NY aren’t Denver Broncos fans, or at least not Tim Tebow fans because Jordan Fulcoly, Wayne Drexel and brothers Tyler and Connor Carroll of Riverhead High School were all handed a one-day suspension Wednesday, after three days of Tebowing in the school hallway. Riverhead superintendent Nancy Carney said that two of the students’ suspensions were later rescinded; citing that their pose was much more accurate and very close to Tebow’s actual pose administrators found that those students were not given the same previous warnings to stop that the other two were.

The interesting there here is that the incident saw about 40 students engaging in the popular Tebowing, however only the four students, all athletes, were suspended….

Obviously the Superintendant was trying to prevent injury from a stampede effect however since the news broke, Carney said she has been receiving hate mail from people charging that the suspension is due to religious prejudice. Really?

I’m too young to recall, can someone tell me if this is what it was like when John, Paul, Ringo and George crossed the pond and came to the states? Tebow Mania has reached all the way from Denver to Long Island. Are there any kids out there imitating the way he throws a football?

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