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New York Post Cover: Dear Yankees, We Don’t Date Losers

Heading into Thursday afternoon, everybody knew that the New York Yankees had no shot against the Detroit Tigers. Based on the three prior games it was clear who the better team was. The only lingering bit of hope that Yankees fans were holding on to yesterday was that their squad had too much pride to be swept out of the ALCS. It couldn’t possibly end in such pathetic fashion, right? Right?


New York’s only real baseball team went out with a whimper on Thursday – losing Game 4 by a whopping seven runs. Much like the rest of the series, this one was never even close.

On Friday morning, the New York Post responded to the Yankees’ collapse with the most amazing cover ever.

Calling them losers? Check. Poking fun at A-Rod’s groupie drama? Check. The unabashed sense of entitlement that New York is known for? Check.

That cover literally had everything you would ever want on an occasion like this.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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