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New York Knicks vs. Phoenix Suns Breakdown

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Record: 11-4

  • Offense: 1
  • Defense: 11
  • Overall: 2


Record: 7-10

  • Offense: 16
  • Defense: 26
  • Overall: 25


Something’s gotta give:

A few loggerheads in the rankings to watch today:

  1. Neither team turns the ball over. Knicks turnover rate is, per usual, 1st. Suns rank 4th. If one team can take away the other’s strength here it should provide them a boost. In that regard the Knicks are 4th in opponent’s turnover rate and the Suns aren’t too bad either, at 13th.
  2. Pace. The Suns are fast (5th). The Knicks are slow (28th). Which team will impose its will on the other?
  3. The Knicks rank 3rd in eFG% (effective field goal percentage – FG% factoring in the added value of 3 pointers). The Suns seem to do an awful job of chasing teams off the 3 point line (28th in OppeFG%). If the Suns are going to cede the Knicks’ biggest strength – the Knicks take the largest percentage of their shots from deep of any team in the league (and the shots actually continue to fall) – it could mean another blowout win at the Garden.


Offense, defense and overall rankings are based on ORtg, DRtg, and John Hollinger’s Power Rankings, respectively. Hollinger’s method.


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