New York Jets’ Tim Tebow Gets Purchased for $100K


It’s a well known fact that Tim Tebow has a lot of crazy fans. As it turns out, though, some of those crazy fans have very massive bank accounts.

At a huge live auction on Friday, a couple bid $100,000 for the right to spend a day with America's Sweetheart. It wound up being quite the special way to kick off the Tim Tebow Celebrity Golf Classic – a charity event that benefits the Tim Tebow Foundation. In the spirit of giving back, the winning couple, according to ESPN, won’t be stingy with their Tebow time. Rather, they have already apparently pledged to take him to visit underprivileged children near their home in the Florida Keys. 

As you would expect, Tebow was annoyingly humble and respectful throughout the entire process. The most polarizing athlete in professional sports had this to say:

"It was very humbling, and you don't necessarily feel worthy. That day I feel like I've got to do a few extra things to be special, you know? I've got to try to be a little bit better."

This was just the latest big, attention-grabbing off-the-field event for Tebow in recent weeks. On Easter Sunday, he held a massive gathering for 15,000 of his closest friends where he discussed all of the important things in life: how we were “one nation under God,” that athletes are role models, and his future as a Jet.

No word yet on whether or not Tebow will spend any time during this offseason working on his mechanics. Not that he needs to, of course. He’s just a pro quarterback with one of the worst throwing motions in the NFL.

We’re sure the situation will figure itself out. 

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