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New York Jets’ Quarterback Situation Remains a Joke

The next time you’re out at a cocktail party or any type of social situation and you want to make a good impression by telling a joke, just say the following seven words: Quarterbacks on the New York Jets roster. Trust me, those words are bound to create a good laugh, because the contingent of quarterbacks on the Jets roster is an absolute joke.

First there’s Mark Sanchez, the so-called starter. Four years ago the Jets were overzealous in where they drafted Sanchez, as they were desperate for a quarterback and wanted to believe that he was the right guy. Since helping guide the Jets to the AFC Championship game in his first two seasons, Sanchez has regressed. Unlike recent Super Bowl champion Joe Flacco, who has shown obvious signs of improvement throughout his career, Sanchez does not appear to be getting better, as he is coming off the worst statistical season of his career. The Jets are now forced to wonder whether or not Sanchez is the quarterback they should move forward with, leading to rumors and speculation that he might be shipped out of New York.

Next is Tim Tebow, if you even consider him to be a quarterback. It’s still a bit of a mystery why the Jets traded for him last offseason, as they didn’t seem to have a plan in place to utilize him. The media attention that followed Tebow after his trade to the Jets turned their preseason camp into a three-ring circus, as every move he made was over analyzed and taken way too seriously. Tebow’s presence on the Jets roster became a distraction that far out-weighed any benefit he may have brought to the team, and it certainly didn’t make the Jets any stronger at the quarterback position; in fact, it only made things more complicated.

The least laughable quarterback on the roster last year was Greg McElroy. He’s not the kind of quarterback can will ever succeed as a long-term starter in the NFL, but he’s a capable back up. McElroy is the kind of intelligent player that’s great to have on the roster, especially at quarterback. He does bring some dignity and professionalism to the Jets, but much of it is lost because he’s buried on the depth chart.

For reasons unknown, the Jets decided to sign aging veteran David Garrard this offseason. Garrard hasn’t thrown a pass in an NFL game since 2010, and so what he’ll be able to do on a field physically at this stage in his career is a complete unknown. He would likely only be able to win the starting job by default, so why the Jets thought he would be able to improve their situation at quarterback is a mystery.

The final quarterback on the Jets roster is Matt Simms, son of Phil Simms. During his senior season at Tennessee, Simms lost his job as the backup quarterback to a true freshman, so how he ended up on an NFL roster at all is a mystery on par with the Bermuda Triangle. Simms isn’t fit to be a backup quarterback on a practice squad in the NFL, and the fact that the Jets will allow him to take any snaps in practice shows just how desperate they are and how bleak their quarterback situation is.

They say that if you have two quarterbacks that you really have no quarterbacks. Well, the Jets have five quarterbacks, none of whom may be viable options to start for them this season. It really seems like they are grasping at straws to find a quarterback, as the handful of players they have at that position are almost comically bad choices to start at quarterback in the NFL. The kicker is that the Jets may be looking to add another quarterback in the upcoming draft, and judging by the weak group of quarterbacks available, they probably won’t be able to draft somebody that will strengthen them at that position, adding even more mediocrity to the group they already have. Like I said, if you ever want to tell a good joke, just mention the quarterbacks the Jets have on their roster. I promise, it’ll be a real knee slapper.


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