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New York Jets Playing Through the Distractions

The New York Jets currently sit atop the AFC, despite the distractions surrounding the team, concocted and otherwise.

First it was the Ines Sainz "controversy," where Jet players and staff are being accused of acting "unprofessionally" towards Sainz. What actually happened is still being discussed which makes this issue even more questionable that it already appeared to be at first glance. That first glance is what Ines Sainz was wearing. Are clothes so tight that every surgical procedure she ever had was outlined appropriate dress for a sports reporter that she claims to be? If something out of line happened, what was it? Who did it? Those questions are still being investigated, and will likely be investigated for a long time to come. Sainz may be feigning distress over whatever happened in the Jets locker room for the sake of notoriety.

This is the Ines Sainz that showed up at a Los Angeles Lakers game in a see through blouse. This is the same Sainz that Interviewed Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady in a wedding dress and asked him to marry her. This is the same Sainz that showed up at media day for the Cardinals-Steelers Super bowl to measure players' biceps. This is the same Sainz that went to the World Cup in South Africa and declared herself "the hottest reporter at the World Cup.” Now, she's upset over some alleged hoots and whistles from Jets players. She's not upset. Her only function is to get hoots and whistles to draw attention to herself and to her employer, Azteca.

The Jets have other real issues to deal with. Receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested in Manhattan Tuesday morning after an all night drinking binge. NFL players are going to drink and party, but a plastered Edwards was tooling down the highway at twice the legal limit. The issue for the Jets it whether this was just "one of those things," and not the usual behavior for Edwards, or whether he actually has a drinking problem. He gave no indication that he had a problem Sunday night though.

Then there's the hamstring injury to star cornerback Derrelle Revis. He didn't play Sunday night against the Dolphins, and he's expected to miss Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills. Fortunately for the Jets, they can probably spare him against the Bills, but after the beating their defense took Sunday night, they will surely need him the rest of the season.

Despite these distractions, the Jets are playing well overall and expect to make another run at the playoffs-or better. There's been chatter about the Jets being Super bowl contenders this year. It's too early to tell, and if the New York media lays that on them, it would just be added pressure they could do without.


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