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New York Jets Go Out Exactly the Way You Would Expect Them To

The Jets season ended the way it should have.

A 28-9 blowout loss to a subpar Bills team, multiple turnovers from arguably the worst statistical quarterback in the league, and one meaningless play from the fake backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

Not to mention the Jets failed to score an offensive touchdown for the 3rd time this year and had a field goal blocked. Oh, and they also ended the year on a 3 game losing streak against 3 teams with records well below .500.

Yet somehow Rex Ryan and his beloved Mark Sanchez still have a job, for the time being anyways.

The good news—if there is any—is that the misery is over for the time being. We do not have to watch this shell of a team come out week after week, play brutally, and then somehow still dominate the headlines.

Mark Sanchez, who SHOULD’VE been playing his last game as the New York Jets starter (then again, we’ve said that before), ended with 2 turnovers and 0 TD. That means over his last two starts against below average defenses, Sanchez had 7 turnovers and 1 TD.

The Jets now head into the offseason with WAY more questions than answers. Is Rex Ryan the right man to get them where they want to go? What do they do with Mark Sanchez? How do they draft (cause they need help just about everywhere)?

The list just goes on and on…

Two things are for certain though:

  1. This was a season that anyone with any sort of connection to the Jets, will never want to remember.
  1. It ended the way it should’ve. 

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