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New York Jets Continue to Fail Like Only They Can

Given their payroll and expectations, one could argue that the New York jets were the most disappointing (and annoying) team in football last year.

This has led the Jets to… do practically nothing this offseason?

Yeah, pretty much.

Despite having the worst statistical quarterback in the league the last 2 years, all the Jets have done to address that issue is sign 35-year old David Garrard.

No one expects the Jets to be a factor next year, yet they seem greedy when it comes to moving CB Darrell Revis and trying to clear some cap space.

The Tim Tebow experiment blew up in their faces, yet he is STILL on the roster.

One of their only positives in 2012, the running game, will be without starting RB Shonn Greene, who the Jets allowed to walk away and sign with the Titans. Sorry, signing a RB who has been in the league 5 years and only has 160 carries (Mike Goodson), does not count as an improvement.

Unlike the Bucs, Eagles, Jaguars, etc. The Jets aren’t one of those bad teams that came into 2013 with money to spend. As a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite, yet the Jets have done virtually nothing to help clear cap space (yet, anyways).

Need I go on?

The bottom line is, after last season, I didn’t think the Jets could look much worse as a franchise.

Somehow though they are managing too thus far in 2013.

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