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New York Giants Still See Ahmad Bradshaw as Starting Running Back

The New York Giants lost Brandon Jacobs this offseason to the San Francisco 49ers. It’s not a huge deal as he wasn’t cheap and wasn’t very good either. So, one had to figure that the G-Men would add a running back or two in the draft.

But, the first round? Yep, they picked up Virginia Tech RB David Wilson with their first pick, which has led to speculation about what will come of Ahmad Bradshaw. Has he lost his starting job?

Not so, says GM Jerry Reese; Bradshaw is still the “lead dog.”

“First of all, [Wilson] was the highest player on our board at the time that we picked,” Reese said. “That was an easy pick for us. It was a value and a need pick for us, we thought. We lost Brandon who did a terrific job for us while he was here. We’ve got [Ahmad Bradshaw] and he’s going to be the lead dog for us, but we wanted to get another running back at some point. We didn’t want to sacrifice value, but he was the top player on our board.”

“Lead dog” or not, the Giants have loved using some sort of rotation ever since Tiki Barber retired. We’d expect a healthy dose of both Wilson and Bradshaw.


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