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New York Giants Running Back David Wilson is Amazing

Apparently, even if someone is not from New York just being affiliated with the state is enough to turn him into a loud mouth. There must be equation for it or something, like :

Jerseys that say Jets or Giants + “Meatball Heroes” = Loud mouths

Guys from both teams are unbelievable. Every time one of them opens their mouth I feel like I just turned on the “Chuck from the Bronx” YouTube channel and I can’t get it off my screen.

This happens regularly, but Giants running back David Wilson really caught my eye last week when he made remarks comparing himself to birth control. They were harmless, but idiotic nonetheless. Plus, there’s no way he came up with that shtick on the spot, so he loses points for rehearsing it at home.

Here are the comments, which came after he was asked about being put in the doghouse by Giants head coach Tom Coughlin because Wilson sucks:

 “I’m like  by Shopping Sidekick">birth control,” Wilson said, via Newsday . “You have to believe in me. Like birth control, 99.9 percent of the time I’m going to come through for you.”

That’s great man, really charismatic. David Wilson also may cause your breasts to become swollen and tender, he’ll regulate your period, decrease your libido and cause mood swings (Eat it Wilson, two can play at this game).

Then, Wilson went on to deliver this gem:

“I think at the end of my career, I’ll be in the Hall of Fame,” he said. “I know myself, and I know (when) I have guys around me that feel the same way, which I feel I do. When I get my opportunity, the sky is not the limit. I think it’s past it.

The sky is definitely the limit for a guy who can’t get on the field for the Giants even though Ahmad Bradshaw is perennially inured and Andre Brown has been cut by half the NFL. That makes sense, for sure.

If his 15 carries for 87 yards on the season don’t scream “The next Jim Brown,” nothing does.

He didn’t receive a single carry against the Redskins after he said these things. He didn’t catch a single pass. His contribution was limited to returning four kickoffs. Get this guy a statue in Canton.

That leads us to….the mighty Jets, who tried their hardest to injure Reggie Bush the first time they played the Dolphins this year and are now publicly talking about it. Good stuff.

Bush’s production has fallen off significantly over the past three games after Jets’ safety LaRon Landry drilled him and bruised his rips when the team’s played in Week 3. So basically, the Jets did what they wanted to do. Then Darrelle Revis tore his ACL, Bush said that he had it coming, and that pissed the Jets off more.

Now that I’ve set the scene, let’s see what these idiots on the Jets had to see about ol’ Reggie ahead of the showdown between the Dolphins and Jets this weekend:

“If I get penalized, I’m not going to stop head-hunting,” Landry said. “I’m not going to stop the way I play.”

That’s definitely a sound approach.

“We had to put him out,” said linebacker Calvin Pace.

Oh…you guys haven’t heard of this Saints bounty scandal have you? Or the league’s focus on player safety that causes Roger Goodell to issue out obscene fines for any hit that borders on illegal?

No? Oh, okay, then carry on…

“We want to knock him out, but we’re out to do it legally,” linebacker Aaron Maybin said.

Hmm. “Knock him out” and “legally” don’t really go together. It sounds to me  - and I’m just a casual observer – that you’re trying to injure him for a second time now. Call me crazy…

“Just watch the way he runs,” Landry said of the effect of his hit on Bush in the teams’ first meeting. “We’ll see when he comes out here this Sunday. We’ll just have to wait and see. I don’t want to say too much, I’m not going to over-talk it and make a story.”

Never mind, don’t call me crazy. These guys are crazy. Stop talking about how you’re going to try to injure the other team’s star running back, you sick bastards.

Why is there such a correlation between New York football and stupidity?

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