New York Giants Fans: Can You Feel the Super Bowl Craziness?


It’s Super Bowl Sunday here in New York, and suddenly I feel like it’s February of 2008 all over again. Irreplacable by Beyonce is playing on the car radio, and my son is playing Rock Band. And my wife is trying to battle the Super Bowl shoppers at the supermarket.

Even the workers at the McDonald’s drive thru are wearing Giants gear. It’s that kind of event where people who never watch football suddenly decide they are Giants fans. From the moment I woke up this morning, I swore I felt like I went back in time. I flipped on the TV and Back to the Future II was on. Crazy, I tell you.

I left the house and a guy walked by me wearing a David Tyree jersey. Come on, what are the chances of that actually happening? The first person I see today? But the guy’s friend scared me even more. The man with the Tyree jersey was walking with a guy wearing a New York Mets Johan Santana jersey. Savvy New Yorkers will recall that just days before the Giants beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, the Mets acquired Santana from the Minnesota Twins in one of the marquee moves of the 2007-08 MLB offseason.

Then, as I stop off to get something from the local deli, I see my old neighbor, who is a huge diehard Giants fan, who I last talked to a few years ago, when the Giants made their last Super Bowl run. We used to encounter each other at a local bar on Sundays when I dropped into watch football. The bar closed a few months after the Giants beat the Patriots.

I wish I could be making this stuff up, but I am not. I have not seen this kind of Super Bowl intensity here in four years. One local restaurant has actually painted itself blue for the week. If you are not wearing No. 10 today, you are out of style. If you’re wearing a Jets jersey, you are just trying to be different. I would not be surprised if you were pulled over. The eerie signs I have already mentioned just add to the fact that I think God may be a New York Giants fan this week. Evangelist Joel Osteen just mentioned the Philadelphia Eagles on TV, but I am thinking God has other plans and Joel should have used another team to deliver his message in today’s sermon.

I also have recalled today, that in this very month of 2008, when the Giants took down the Patriots, was born. Four years later, I feel the same as I did then, excited and looking forward to the future all over again. We just announced our first-ever suite of NFL Legends games and our first-ever Fantasy Player of the Year Award. Like I did then, I feel excitement is starting to build all over again from a professional perspective.

This is all too strange, I have been thinking. But then reality sets in. I have to start planning for the month ahead and I realize my bills are much higher than they were four years ago. And the car I bought back in 2008 still needs some repairs and does not work nearly as smoothly as it used to. And worst of all, I look in the mirror and realize that my gut was nearly not as prominent a few years ago. Ugh.

But if Ramses Barden ends up being the next Tyree tonight, I’m going to be really spooked.

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