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New Year’s Resolutions: Seahawks, 49ers, Rams, Cardinals

With the New Year only four nights away, let’s look at New Year’s resolutions for all of the NFC West’s teams. Keeping this brief should be quite the challenge for the Cardinals...

Seattle Seahawks: Their resolution is one of the more difficult ones. Keep on being the elite team we are all coming to know and love. Having won their last four straight, and their last three by a combined score of 150-30 they are by far the league’s hottest squad. One could even make the case that they are the league’s best team. Putting them in this column almost seems redundant due to the fact that a resolution implies there is something to fix or resolve. Such is not the case right now in Seattle.

San Francisco 49ers: Get back to playing consistent football. Since they’ve come off the bye, they’ve looked either amazing or average. Seems to depend which team or conference or week. They’ve managed to defeat the Patriots, destroy the Bears, and beat a Saints team that was fighting for its playoff lives. That’s all fine and dandy, but not when you go 0-1-1 against a Rams team you should easily beat and then get dominated by their division rival Seattle Seahawks. It’s do or die for these San Francisco 49ers. Anything short of a Super Bowl will be considered a disappointing season, and rightfully so with the talent on this team. Securing home field on Sunday against Arizona will help, but it’s getting back to their brand of football that will do wonders for this immensely talented team.

St. Louis Rams: Although they won’t be making the playoffs, enough can’t be said about the improvements made by this team in just one year under Jeff Fisher. Things haven't been perfect in St. Louis though, so the resolution for this team is going to have to be a big step forward from Sam Bradford in the New Year. He hasn’t had a bad year by any stretch of the imagination. Compared to last year, it was actually a great season for the young quarterback; just not quite good enough. If the Rams are going to make the playoffs next year, it will depend almost entirely on Bradford’s play.

Arizona Cardinals: Don’t even know where to start with the Cardinals. I’ll try to keep it general and not overly insulting. Just play with more pride on offense. Every position on this squad grossly underachieved, and fixing the offensive side of things in the desert will go a long way towards them maybe one day being a winning team again. Or at the very least competitive. There was a small community of writers, members of the press, bloggers and so on that actually thought this team might win the division this year; they will make no such mistake next season, and it’s the Cardinals responsibility to regain their trust. Watching their games became a painful process, and fools like myself felt a great deal of shame for proclaiming this team was for real following their 4-0 start. Just scoring more than 15 points a game seems like a reasonable expectation.


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