New Tiger Woods Breakup: Done with Caddie Steve Williams

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Check out this picture to the left. You know what these guys are thinking? When it rains it pours.

This has been a chaotic year for renowned golfing great, Tiger Woods. With his hodgepodge of personal and professional problems in the very recent past, stability in the future was no doubt Woods’ primary goal going forward as he continued to try to rehabilitate his public image and on-the-golf-course success.

Stability will have to wait, though.

According to a statement posted on Woods’ website, he and longtime caddie Steve Williams have made the decision to go their separate ways.

"I want to express my deepest gratitude to Stevie for all his help, but I think it's time for a change," Woods said. "Stevie is an outstanding caddie and a friend and has been instrumental in many of my accomplishments. I wish him great success in the future."

The website noted that Woods had not yet determined who would replace Williams from here on out.

Woods and Williams have experienced an excess of ups and downs since beginning their journey up the golf hierarchy in March of 1999. The pair was together for a record 13 majors, and prior to Woods’ fall from grace, looked poised to become one of the most legendary duos in the history of the sport.

As a result of Woods’ many recent injuries, Williams had been carrying the bag for Australian Adam Scott, who came in second at the last Masters.


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