New Orleans Hornets Win 2012 NBA Draft Lottery; Complete Results

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With 26 teams officially out of the championship hunt, every franchise no longer in contention now turns to the NBA Draft.

Whether you’re a squad that’s on the cusp of a playoff berth or a team that’s just struggling to earn a bit of respect from your fans, the draft is about as good of an opportunity as you’re going to get to find a single diamond in the rough talent who will guide you from irrelevance to prominence.  

The New Orleans Hornets may have won the Anthony Davis Sweepstakes this year, but the 2012 NBA Draft is deep enough from top to bottom for every participant to land a quality player. Make sure to check out our pre-lottery mock drafts below to see how we envision this thing turning out.

Here are the full 2012 NBA Draft Lottery results:

14. Houston Rockets

13. Phoenix Suns

12. Milwaukee Bucks

11. Portland Trail Blazers

10. New Orleans Hornets

9. Detroit Pistons

8. Toronto Raptors

7. Golden State Warriors

6. Brooklyn Nets (Goes to Portland)

5. Sacramento Kings

4. Cleveland Cavaliers

3. Washington Wizards

2. Charlotte Bobcats

1. New Orleans Hornets

Note:And make sure to tune into The Bottom Line Sports Show on Tuesday as they talk all things NBA and NBA Draft.

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