New Orleans Hornets Win No. 1 Overall Pick in 2012 NBA Draft

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The New Orleans Hornets, who had a 13.7 percent chance to nab the top pick, won the 2012 Draft Lottery last night. I'm sure you already knew that by looking at Monty Williams' happy mug there.

The only reason why I hate that the Hornets won the #1 pick is because it feeds the conspiracy theorists (the whole CP3 vetoed trade and all). But no matter what, it's a no-win. The Bobcats win and it's giving Michael Jordan a chance. If the Cavs or Wizards won, well, they were the last two winners of the draft lottery and it's rigged towards them. If, say, the Nets won, it's because the NBA wanted to jumpstart Brooklyn.

In any case, it's the Hornets' pick. I watch little college ball (I only pay attention to hearsay and March Madness) but I'm pretty sure they'll pick Kentucky's Anthony Davis. You know, the dude with the unibrow. And I'm pretty sure they're going to keep Eric Gordon, who is a restricted free agent. I say that's a good start back towards respectability for the Hornets.

Meanwhile, the Bobcats are in a little conundrum here. What do they do with the #2 pick? Do they pick up the best player available when their roster is already full of young guys like Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo? Or do they trade for a proven veteran star that is in badly need of one? What about the Wizards?

In the meantime, the Hornets have another pick at #10. And the Blazers get the Nets' pick (#6) due to the Gerald Wallace deal. The Warriors keep their #7 pick as any lower than that goes to Utah.

The last time the Hornets franchise had the #1 pick? 1991. Larry Johnson. He turned out to be pretty good.

Congrats to the Hornets.

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