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New Mexico State, Utah Valley Basketball Game Ends in Brawl with Fans (Video)

Utah Valley defeated New Mexico State in a 66-61 overtime win last night, but the real action began after the basketball game was over.

New Mexico's K.C. Ross-Miller reportedly threw a basketball at Utah's Holton Hunsaker, which sparked a shoving match and caused fans to storm the court in Orem, Utah, reports NBC Sports (video below).

UVU students attacked NMSU players in a melee that may end the practice of court-storming in college basketball, noted The Bleacher Report.

Eventually, the stadium staff restored order.

"I hated to see the game end that way," Utah Valley center Ben Aird told the Daily Herald. "When you are out there, at first you are like, 'What's happening?' The faculty got out there, and although you want to help break it up, they told us that we had to get out of that situation and let them handle it."

According to ESPN, Ross-Miller has been suspended.

"No matter what provoked K.C., what he did was inexcusable and hence the suspension," New Mexico State coach Marvin Menzies said today. "It is an honor and a privilege to wear an Aggie uniform, and a responsibility comes with that privilege."

Menzies added that Ross-Miller may face more disciplinary action by the college.

Sources: The Bleacher Report, ESPN, Daily Herald.


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