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New Jersey Nets Have to Get Dwight Howard Now, Right?

By Mihnea "Mike" Gheorghita

It “only” took $65 million to get Nene right back in a Nuggets jersey. Which is understandable: he’s an above average player, and the option “wait for us to deal with Dwight” shouldn’t exist. So while the Nets struggle at the PF position, Woj brings in some good news: “Y! Sources: Orlando, N.J. trade talks for Dwight Howard gather momentum, but are Magic truly inclined to move star now?” (via Twitter).

They probably will be, as word is around the league that a massive 4-team trade is being prepared. So What the Magic will eventually end up with for sure is Brook Lopez, another “significant player” plus probably New Jersey’s picks. It definitely won’t be less, but it may be more. We know they love Brook and Brook would probably appreciate Disneyland more than Dwight, but it all hangs in who this “significant” other may be.

A younger, more potent All-Star, cap space to swallow Hedo’s eye-boggling contract, a brand new arena plus the prospect of a new beginning that spells “legendary” are the Nets’ primary incentives for Howard. But while the Brooklynettes may seem his top choice, the Lakers would seem to be Orlando’s. A trade package involving Andrew Bynum and others may give LA the chance to rebuild fast, instead of wait one more season or so for Brook to reach his peak.

The Magic itself is still in the game, as Howard stated that with the right talent and attitude, “you know, you got me”. We’ll follow this and see where it leads, as Orlando is fairly limited right now. Also, what player would want to risk a 5-year deal to play with Howard, who already said he’s not happy there (he later reformulated, thus ending up with the above) with what they’ve got.

All may end this Saturday, with the Nets’ deadline for the Dwightmare. The Fight For Dwight is not over yet, and we’ve seen this deadline scenario before. Thank God we ended up with D-Will then. But who is there left now?

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