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New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez Linked To Homicide Investigation

According to a report by the Boston Fox affiliate, New England Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez, was at a bar on Sunday night with an acquaintance who was later found shot to death. Odin Lloyd, 27, was found dead at an industrial park about a half-mile from Hernandez’s house in North Attleboro, Mass. The station is reporting that Lloyd, Hernandez and two others left the bar together but only three of the men made it home.

Hernandez left his home today to go to the Patriots’ Gillette Stadium. It is being reported that he is being uncooperative with police although it is unclear whether that means he simply hired a lawyer. Lloyd had been dating the sister of Hernandez’s girlfriend, The New York Post reported.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that an arrest of Hernandez is likely, although the specific charges are unknown.

“New details surfaced late Wednesday night further tying Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez to the investigation of a homicide of a Boston man," According to "Hernandez's involvement in the case is significant enough that a source with knowledge of the investigation said that Hernandez's arrest is likely. It is not yet known what he would be charged with.”

As news continues to come out about Hernandez's possible ties to the homicide, details about another incident involving the former Pro Bowler and guns continue to emerge.

Alexander Bradley filed a federal lawsuit against the Hernandez yesterday, claiming that the tight end shot him in the face.

“They were friends — he was a personal assistant, he did a little of everything for him,” said Bradley’s lawyer, David Jaroslawicz. “They went down there [to Miami] for some R&R.”

Bradley claims that after they got into an argument, Hernandez took out a gun and fired at Bradley, striking him in the right arm and eye.

“Hernandez was holding the gun and it went off and hit my client,” Jaroslawicz said. “I’m sure he’ll say it was an accident.”

When Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies found Bradley, he told investigators that he did not know who attacked him, but he did say that his wounds were not self-inflicted.

The Patriots have not commented about either matter.

Sources: The New York Post, Sports Illustrated


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