New Dodgers Hitting Coach Mark McGwire Talks PEDs


While Barry Bonds remains a baseball pariah, Mark McGwire seems to have had very little trouble returning to the sport in recent years. After playing a central role in baseball's seemingly never-ending PED scandal, McGwire got a cozy gig as the St. Louis Cardinals hitting coach in 2010. He stayed on in that capacity following Tony La Russa’s departure, and apparently performed well enough to be offered the same job with the Los Angeles Dodgers this year.

Yesterday McGwire appeared on the Petros and Money Show on Fox Sports Radio to discuss is new job, amongst other things. Here was the juiciest tidbit (via Sports Radio Inteviews):

On the prevalence of PED’s:

“I don’t know. I’ve never heard anybody talk about it. I’m a great example of what happens when, I mean I owned up to it. Why anybody would even think about doing that today I have no idea. I’m sad for these guys but then again you have to look at Major League Baseball and what they have done to crack down on it, it’s been fantastic for the game of baseball and you just have to move on from it. I don’t know what the percentage is, I think it’s a lot lower but as far as I know nobody ever talks about it. You just have to move on and if people get caught then they get caught. That’s why they have the testing and it’s gotten stronger over the years and you have to give kudos to the MLB for doing what they’re doing, I think it’s great.”

What he would say to any hitter that asks him about using PED’s:

“Yeah, don’t do it. Use your head. It’s a mistake that I have to live with for the rest of my life. I have to deal with never, ever getting into the Hall-of-Fame. I totally understand and totally respect their opinion and I will never, ever push it. That is the way it’s going to be and I can live with that. One of the hardest things I had to do this year was sit down with my nine and ten year old boys and tell them what dad did. That was a really hard thing to do but I did it. They understood as much as a nine or ten year old could. It’s just something, if any ball player ever came up to me, run away from it. It’s not good. Run away from it.”

It’s good that McGwire is getting all of these opportunities. He made mistakes. He owned up to those mistakes. And now he’s ready to move on. That’s fine. It’s just a bit odd that he is given that opportunity when so many other admitted PED users have been needlessly exiled from the sport for the very same crime.

(Kudos Sports Radio Inteviews)

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