LeBron James: New Commercial, Same Pathetic Nonsense

The latest in LeBron news is his self-serving commercial in which he pits himself as the victim amidst the evil tyranny of public opinion. What do we want him to be was the question. It was simple LeBron. Cleveland wanted you to be a Cavalier for life, New York a Knick, Chicago a Bull, and Miami a Heat (is that proper grammar? What exactly is a Heat?). ESPN wanted you to make a spectacle of your free agency process and you so graciously did.

That’s all that was asked of you. Choose a team and if you leave Cleveland, leave with some class. You did not, hence the backlash.

Why feel sorry for LeBron James? He is living every sports fans dream. I’d gladly trade a couple of ethnic or racially motivated anonymous, gutless tweets for the fame, fortune and talent. I don’t know what sane person wouldn’t. I’m a nobody and I’ve been heckled and slurred online numerous times.

The commercial includes a dig at Charles Barkley, who, for some time has been the only national pundit unafraid to fairly question and criticize James. No wonder LeBron dislikes him. LeBron does not like to be criticized. We saw how sensitive he got after the LeQuit game against Boston in the playoffs last year. You remember? When he told everyone how great he was, and basically insinuated how ridiculous an idea it was to dare analyze his series changing awful performance, or lack thereof.

It’s no wonder LeBron’s “team” and Cavalier management walked on eggshells for the guy. He is so sensitive if you don’t coddle him, he might become vengeful. Possibly quit in the playoffs or leave your organization hanging out to dry just to spite you.

All partial jokes aside, much has been revealed about Mr. Chosen One this offseason.

1.) He’s extremely sensitive to any form of criticism.
2.) He is overly self-aware, insecure and the result is a quickly growing paranoia.
3.) Its about the LEBRON BRAND and really nothing else.

The commercial sums up all three and his tweets only reinforce them.

“Look at me! Look at me! Everyone hated on me this offseason and I didn’t forget, so I’m keeping tabs on all the haters who aren’t LEBRON FANS!”

It wreaks of a man disconnected from the public. A man who is trying to appease and trick the public into thinking he is just like us.

Nobody who is not a monarch adopts the moniker “King”, if he just expects to be accepted like a commoner.

Even in todays politically correct and racially sensitive times, James couldn’t even pull the race card with any effectiveness.


Because there is a simple fact of life that James will not accept. If you make a public spectacle of stabbing your family in the back (all the while claiming how loyal you are), your family will resent you. Society will resent you. You will become what you have become…an outcast, a villain.

Not too many villains are global icons, so maybe Team LeBron should have opened up a history book and scrolled to literally any chapter in human history.

Fame or infamy?

What do you want to be?

Hated or loved?

What do you want to be?

Hometown hero or mercenary?

What do you want to be?

Used or appreciated?

What do you want to be?

You tell us!

But even so, why are you asking us this question still LeBron?

It’s been answered, your path has been chosen.

You are INFAMOUS….like Al Capone, Jesse James and the rest of the villains.

The only question that really remains is whether or not you can accept what you have become and the path you have chosen.

So please, spare the public another self-pity laden, arrogant, paranoid and overly dragged out Nike commercial.

This article originally appeared on LandLoyalty.com


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