False Advertising: APL Shoes Not the First Shoes Banned by NBA

A new shoe by Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) is making headlines because it has apparently been banned by the NBA. Supposedly it really does have the technology to help someone who wears them jump higher, which I guess is what you're paying for in a shoe that's $300 and not produced by a company with a big-name sponsor.

APL is using this to their advantage, playing the "bad boys" of the industry, proudly placing a giant "Banned By The NBA" stamp across their homepage. Most articles are saying this is the first shoe ever banned by the NBA, but that is not true. That distinction goes to LA Gear's Karl Malones, otherwise known as the shoe in the early 90's that lit up when you took a step (see also: was hopefully only ever worn by kids). Because a shoe that blinks on and off with each step is obviously a distraction, the league never allowed the Jazz Hall of Famer to wear his shoe in a game.

I'm pretty sure most readers don't care about any of this, but I just wanted to set the record straight.


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