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Nevada Costs Themselves, WAC Millions for Boise State Win

If ever there was a scenario where purposely tanking a college football game was okay, last Friday’s match-up between Nevada and Boise State was it.

When Nevada did the unthinkable and took down the little engine that could in Boise State, it cost itself and every school in in the Western Athletic Conference a share of the revenue that would have come from Boise State being in a BCS Bowl game.

According to the Business Insider, the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) generated $7.8 million in revenue thanks to Boise State headlining the Fiesta Bowl in 2009. Of that total, approximately $3 million went to Boise State and the rest was evenly split between the other eight schools in the conference (approx. $600,000 per school).

This year, because of increased television revenues ($40 million more) courtesy of a new deal between the BCS and ESPN, each WAC school would have received an even greater cut out of a Boise State bowl game. With the new deal, the WAC could have brought in more than $10 million with a BCS-qualifying team. Anywhere from $3-3.5 million of that would have gone straight to Boise State, and the rest would have been split amongst the other eight WAC schools.

If Nevada had lost the game, they would have been in line for about $1 million and the other schools in the conference could have received about $9 million split amongst them.

So essentially, Nevada gets punished for pulling one of the biggest upsets of 2010.

College football is great.


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