Nets Owner Prokhorov: Losing $144 Million 'Not A Big Deal'


For virtually everyone on the planet, losing $144 million would be an impossible task. You have to own $144 million to lose $144 million.

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has $144 million -- and more. He so much more than that, in fact, that’s it’s not even a big deal for him to lose that much money.

Prokhorov’s Nets had a woeful season last year from a financial standpoint. League reports show the team finished up the financial year with a $144 million net deficit. When asked about his team’s struggle to turn a profit, Prokhorov didn’t seem the least bit concerned.

“It’s not a big deal,” Prokhorov told reporters earlier this week. Yup, just $144 million. Not a big deal at all. That’s only enough to set up, say, a dozen families for generation of financial success. There’s being rich, and then there’s being rich. Prokhorov falls into the italicized category.

In related news, Prokhorov had some humorous (and heavily accented) words for former Nets’ coach Jason Kidd. Kidd left the Nets and headed to Milwaukee after a nasty dispute with the Brooklyn’s management this summer. Neither side seems to fond of each other these days, and Prokhorov pulled out a folksy American proverb to sum up his feelings about his former coach:



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