Neil Magny Got Hurt a Week Before TUF Debut

Neil Magny (7-1) revealed when he made it to the final 16 on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) he had a secret rib injury. The injury occurred in his last pre-show workout.

"Thursday before we flew out to Vegas, I was doing some light sparring with some guys in the gym," said Magny to MMA Junkie. "My final round, one of the amateurs jumped in, and he ended going 100 percent. He kicked my rib pretty hard, and I ended up having some deep bruising on the left-hand side of my body."

Fearing that news of his injury would cost him his spot on the show, Magny decided to keep the information to himself.

"I didn't want to take a chance and let any of the coaches know or let anyone from the UFC know and risking not being able to compete, so I just sucked it up and fought through it," said Magny.

On Fridays TUF, it was revealed that Magny was the first fighter of the season to advance to the quarterfinals.

"It felt great to fight and get a win and know that I could relax a bit and ice my ribs and try to get a little healthy for the next fight," said Magny. "At that point, I knew had almost three weeks before I had to fight again, so I just looked to recover and focus on something other than fighting for a while. It was a pretty cool feeling."

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