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Nebraska’s Tom Osborne Unhappy with Wisconsin Badgers Fans

Dear Wisconsin Badgers fans: Nebraska Cornhuskers athletic director (AD) Tom Osborne didn’t want to interrupt you while you were busy, you know, jumping around or whatever.

But when you get a moment, he’d love it if you could find a way to control your fellow fans just a little bit. Not too much, but perhaps just enough so that they don’t harass 90-year-old citizens as they try to sit down.

While appearing on his weekly radio show this past Tuesday, Osborne told the story of precisely what he experienced during his program’s unsuccessful trip to Madison on October 1. In case Husker Nation blocked that game out – it’s the one where the squad got destroyed in a 48-17 massacre.

The always-classy Osborne tried to be nice while talking about it because, well, it’s him. He said that the good folks from Wisconsin who attended the game were by and large “fairly decent.” However, a particular incident did leave a bad taste in his mouth.

"I was on a golf cart with three folks who were over 90 years old," Osborne said, as recounted by "We were trying to get them up to some seats. We had some rather unpleasant names called.

"I think, usually, schools with good tradition, that have won a lot in the past, are fairly tolerant," he said. "The ones that have won just lately sometimes don't know how to handle it very well."

Translation: Badger fans, congratulations on being sort of good these days, but let’s class it up a bit. Show some tact – you certainly haven’t been winning long enough to have developed a sense of entitlement just yet.

Of course, Osborne also had some choice words for his team’s own fans in Lincoln, who proceeded to boo the squad after their terrible 20-6 going into halftime of this past weekend’s game versus the Ohio State Buckeyes.

"I mean, these guys are trying as hard as they can," Osborne said. "You want your home-field advantage, you want your fans to support you, particularly at a time like that.

"If you're up by 30, it doesn't make much difference. But when you're down, and you've given it everything you've got, and things are not going your way, that's when you need support. You don't need that (booing)."

The Huskers, of course, ultimately won that outing in historic fashion – mustering up the largest comeback in school history en route to a 34-27 victory.

So, what should we take away from Osborne’s commentary on the last two weeks? Mostly that fans from all sides of the pond tend to suck sometimes – and that it’d be great if everyone just kind of got along.

Will that actually happen?

Of course not. But it’s a nice sentiment, nevertheless.


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