Nebraska to Wear Alternate Football Uniforms in 2012


Penn State's crossover rival in Big Ten play, Nebraska, is a program that prides itself on history and tradition in many similar ways to the Nittany Lions. This is why you might be slightly surprised to learn that the Huskers will wear an alternate uniform for one game in 2012.

From AP sports writer Eric Olson, via The Republic in Indiana.

Nebraska plans to wear an alternate uniform for one home football game this season, though athletic director Tom Osborne says the design won’t diverge much from the Cornhuskers’ traditional look.

Osborne said Monday the design has not been finalized. He couldn’t offer any details other than that the uniforms would be “futuristic” but “not outlandish.”

Osborne said adidas, the Huskers’ apparel and footwear provider since 1995, proposed changing the color of the helmets. Osborne said the white helmet with the iconic red “N” would not be touched.

So naturally the first question will be what will the uniform look like. Many Nebraska fans have speculated for some time that a black jersey or black uniform would be worth getting excited about. Traditionalists may have a slightly different take, but it would certainly seem like the most likely design to go with, considering the trend of programs suiting up in all black for a black-out for a big game.

Remember one thing. Adidas is the company that designed these uniforms for Michigan and Notre Dame.

Which brings us to the next most obvious question. Which game would Nebraska trot out the alternate uniform for? Nebraska has three big games in Lincoln this season, starting with a rematch with Wisconsin on September 29. The other big games on Nebraska's home schedule are the Michigan game on October 27 and the Penn State game on November 10.

Could Nebraska be suiting up in all-black, or whatever the alternate looks like, for the Penn State game? At this point in time, and this is just a hunch, the games against Wisconsin and Michigan look like bigger games, so it might be more likely one of those games gets the special uniform treatment.

But there is nothing determined yet. This is all speculation. We'll keep an eye on it, and in the meantime let's see how many people decide that Penn State should adopt an alternate uniform for one game. Any takers, or is that idea a little too tabboo?

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