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Nebraska Embarrassed Itself vs. Wisconsin Despite Amazing Plays from Taylor Martinez, Kenny Bell (Video)

On Saturday night, the Wisconsin Badgers set out to prove that they were in fact the third best team in the Big Ten. Thanks to a monster 70-31 victory over Nebraska, they successfully accomplished that goal.

The truly bizarre thing about how badly Bo Pelini’s group got embarrassed in this one, undoubtedly, is the fact that it was actually Nebraska players who starred in the best plays of the game. Really, in a lot of ways, that fact symbolizes what the problem with the Cornhuskers this year has been – they have the talent to be a lot better than good-by-default. (Which is what they were heading into this game.)

After the coaching clinic that Urban Meyer put on in the Big Ten this year, Nebraska would be wise to examine if Pelini is really the guy they want at the helm for the next however many seasons.

With that in mind, here are the two most impressive sequences from yesterday’s outing.

First, Taylor Martinez:

And now Kenny Bell:

That block was ruled excessive by officials and the touchdown run that followed it got called back. It was a horrible call, but not one that is worth dissecting because, again, Nebraska was embarrassing yesterday.

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