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Nebraska Cornhuskers Plummet in BCS, AP and Coaches Polls

Following their inexplicable collapse against the Northwestern Wildcats, the Nebraska Cornhuskers plunged down every known college football rankings system and poll. (As many figured they would).

Even though it’s been universally acknowledged that the Huskers have had some good luck as it relates to the polls this year, that luck alone couldn’t save them after their 28-25 embarrassment on Saturday. With a red carpet path to the Big Ten championship game all laid out, the Huskers floundered and choked away the advantage back to the Michigan State Spartans who are now sitting pretty atop the Legends Division.

Yesterday, we mapped out the exact course of action Nebraska must take in order to get back into the conference title race. It’s harder now and they’ll need some good fortune in the shape of a Michigan State loss at some point – but hope remains alive.

After coming in 9th in the AP and Coaches Polls last weekend, the Huskers are now firmly stuck at 19th in the AP Poll and 17th in the Coaches Poll. They also tumbled down 10 spots from last week’s BCS ranking, falling from 9th to 19th in that regard as well.

Can Nebraska bounce back next week? They have no choice because, if they don’t – it’s game over for any and all conference championship aspirations.

Full rankings below.


1. LSU

2. Oklahoma State

3. Alabama

4. Stanford

5. Boise State

6. Oklahoma

7. Oregon

8. Arkansas

9. Clemson

10. Virginia Tech

11. Houston

12. Penn State

13. South Carolina

14. Kansas State

15. Georgia

16. Texas

17. Michigan State

18. Wisconsin

19. Nebraska

20. Auburn

21. Georgia Tech

22. Southern Miss

23. Cincinnati

24. Michigan

25. Baylor



2 Oklahoma State

3 Stanford

4 Alabama

5 Boise State

6 Oregon

7 Oklahoma

8 Arkansas

9 Clemson

10 Virginia Tech

11 Houston

12 Penn State

13 Michigan State

14 Georgia

15 South Carolina

16 Wisconsin

17 Kansas State

18 USC

19 Nebraska

20 Georgia Tech

21 Texas

22 Michigan

23 Cincinnati

24 Auburn

25 Southern Miss

USA Today Coaches Poll:


2 Stanford

3 Oklahoma State

4 Alabama

5 Boise State

6 Oregon

7 Oklahoma

8 Arkansas

9 Virginia Tech

10 Clemson

11 Houston

12 Penn State

13 Michigan State

14 Wisconsin

15 South Carolina

16 Georgia

17 Nebraska

18 Cincinnati

19 Georgia Tech

20 Texas

21 Michigan

22 Kansas State

23 Southern Miss

24 TCU

25 Auburn


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