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Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini Didn’t Want to Play Penn State, Despite Win

The one untold story of this past week was the amount of prominent, non-Penn State figures that came out and publicly said all of the things you would expect a university embroiled in an alleged child molestation scandal to say.

It was remarkable, really, that the folks running the show at Penn State couldn’t seem to grasp the fine points of what their students -- who held candle light tributes to Jerry Sandusky’s alleged victims -- and countless college football head coaches understood instantly.

What has happened over the past decade at Penn State, beginning with the sick, perverted acts allegedly committed by a disturbed pedophile, and ending with the culture of cover-ups that appears to have allegedly dominated the once-proud institution, is bigger than football. Yes, contrary what the folks who have rolled in dough courtesy of the Penn State’s football program may believe, there are things bigger than football.

On Saturday, in a game largely devoid of emotion, the Nebraska Cornhuskers ultimately defeated the Penn State Nittany Lions 17-14. Aside from a few select moments late when it looked like the latter bunch might muster up a comeback, most of the emotion occurred before the outing even began when everyone joined together for prayer. The game, although it may have given the players involved a brief break from reality, didn’t really accomplish much beyond that. The lifelessness of Beaver Stadium for the duration of the match-up indicated that much, at least.

After his team earned their much-needed victory, Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini spoke to the press. And in one short sound-byteable sentiment, he more or less said what everyone else in America had been thinking all along.

“Going into the football game, I didn’t think the game should have been played, for a lot of different reasons. My job as a football coach is to educate and to prepare the kids that come into the program for the rest of their life and that’s what we are. We’re a university system

“The situation that’s going on is bigger than football. It’s bigger than that game we just played. It’s bigger than the young men in the game who would have missed it had they called it off.”

Much like LSU head coach Les Miles did earlier in the week, Pelini expressed feelings maintained by a lot of others. Nobody really cared about the game that took place. It wasn’t an escape from the reality of what had transpired at Penn State over the last decade, it was just a further reminder of what the university allegedly placed above basic common decency.

At a certain point, you figure Penn State will get it. But if history is any indicator, that magical day won’t come nearly as quickly as it should.

Check Pelini’s comments out below.

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