Ndamukong Suh, Richie Incognito, Cortland Finnegan Voted NFL’s Dirtiest Players


Everyone can more or less agree on who the dirtiest players in the NFL are. We all have eyes. We all watch the games. If you have to ask yourself on multiple occasions over the course of a season whether a particular guy’s blatantly dirty play was really that bad, chances are he’s dirty.

If you polled diehard football fans and asked them to secretly list the league’s dirtiest players, you would probably get a lot of very similar responses.

Recently, the good folks at Sporting News did something like that. Only instead of polling fans, they polled 103 players on 27 different teams. Who do players consider the dirtiest amongst their own kind? Check it out:

Lions DT Ndamukong Suh — 32

Dolphins G Richie Incognito — 19

Rams CB Cortland Finnegan — 14

Steelers LB James Harrison — 6

Titans OT David Stewart — 3

Eagles DE Jason Babin — 2

Steelers S Ryan Mundy — 2

Twelve players received one vote

Whereas other lists (overrated, underrated, etc.) had a few names you could dispute, this list makes perfect sense. There is a justification for each person on there. Could you swap out certain guys at the bottom of the list for others? Sure. Obviously. By and large, though, that breakdown is solid.

(Kudos Sporting News)

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