Ndamukong Suh Named NFL’s Most Overrated Player

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I figured things like this would eventually start to happen. 

After all, your team hasn't formally arrived until the hate starts to pile up.

Well Detroit Lions fans and players -- your time has arrived.

The Lions punch first, hit last, and have a new don’t care what you think motto.

The leader of that revolution is Ndamukong Suh, and he is now feeling the hate.

In a new cbssports.com overrated-underrated list provided by senior columnist Pete Prisco, Ndamukong Suh is the  NFL’s most overrated player.

Prisco is quoted as saying that ”He is an ultra-aggressive defensive tackle who uses his ability to get off the ball to drive up the field. But what teams did in 2011 was use that against him. He was trapped a lot. Often guards and centers would just let him rush up the field and take him where his momentum led him — which was out of the play.”

He also stated that Suh is easier to block and should return to form this coming season.

Suh’s total numbers were down from his rookie season, but with respect comes more attention.

His effect on the game and his team is more about sacks and tackles for loss, anyway.  He is now an automatic double team waiting to happen.  Players don’t nonchalantly stand around the pile against the Lions anymore.

The Detroit Lions franchise as a whole has a presence now, especially on defense.  That starts with Suh.

Is he the best defensive tackle in the game at this point?  No.

He's not the most overrated player in the game either, though.

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