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NCAA Adds Two Bowl Games to Schedule

Teams that have successful regular seasons during the college football season receive an invite to a post-season bowl game. In previous years, a team must have a minimum of six wins to become what is known as bowl eligible. However, with the addition of two more bowl games this season, teams with sub-.500 records have the potential to be slated into a bowl game.

“I think it stinks,” remarked, Aaron Taylor, who played for Nebraska and currently a football analyst for CBS. former Nebraska player Aaron Taylor. He described a game that “is becoming perilously close to losing the purity and amateurism that separates it from it’s pro counterpart.”

The number of post-season Bowl games in college football has gone from 18 to 35 in a span of 14 years, since 1996.

The NCAA added the Dallas Football Classic and the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. The NCAA dropped the International Bowl, with a net of one gained from this past season.

Currently, there are 12o teams at the Division I level in college football. With the institution of what is now 35 bowl games, 70 teams will be selected from the pool of teams, meaning a possibility of a team with a 5-7 record could receive an invite.

“I’m not one of those guys that’s like, well, that’s too many bowls,” said Tony Barnhart. “But everything can have it’s excess, and to me, I think that’s kind of where we need to draw the line is having 5-7 teams playing in the bowl games.”

Based on the past, this addition of the extra Bowl game shows a distinct possibility of that occurring.

Since 2006, 72 Football Bowl Subdivision teams accumulated a record of 6-6, meaning that a maximum of 36 bowls could implemented without inviting a 5-7 record. There is a thin margin for error however.

“That’s what’s being discussed at this point, if you can’t fill the spots,” said Mark Womack, associate commissioner of the Southeastern Conference and a member of the NCAA’s Football Issues committee that approved the new bowls. “But historical data will tell you can, so I think the odds of that happening are probably pretty good to fill all those games based on the historical data that we have.

“A what-if case, that’s certainly something that’s currently being discussed: That if you only had 69 teams, what would you do? Those are things that will be discussed over the summer.”

With the season now at 12 games, teams have an extra opportunity to get a sixth win.

The NCAA cites the fact that Bowls generated over $237 million over last season, and believe that the continual addition of games does not overcrowd the system. It is also reported that the Bowl games drew roughly 1.6 million fans.

“If you ask the student-athletes, specifically football players, what the best experience or greatest memory of their career is, it’s almost always the experience they had participating in bowl games,” said chairman of the NCAA committee, Nick Carparelli.

“The people that matter — the student-athletes and the fans — enjoy going to bowl games. I’m not quite sure there are too many.”

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