NBC Accidently Shows Missy Franklin with Gold Medal Right Before Airing Her Race (Video)

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NBC has gotten tons of flak for their special way of broadcasting the 2012 Olympics, and with good reason. A lot of sports fans have gotten used to seeing events as soon as they happen, so this whole tape-delay thing just doesn’t jive in today’s world the way it might have 20 years ago.

That said, the Peacock Network is still pulling in massive ratings off casual fans who don’t roam on Twitter and various news sites looking for event results, so it’s unlikely that they’ll change up their strategy at any point in the foreseeable future.

Or at least they wouldn't have if that was their only dilemma.

The problem is, it’s not just the hardcore, tweeting, I-must-know-what-happened-as-soon-as-it-happened crowd who is annoyed with NBC today. Those coveted casual fans who the network is clearly catering towards, they too were victims of what SportsGrid aptly described as NBC pulling an NBC last night.

Check out the promo that aired before Missy Franklin raced in and won the 100m backstroke:

Yes, they showed that before her race aired.

So far NBC hasn’t issued any comments on that hilarious gaffe but, presumably, one will come at some point today.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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