NBA Ticket Prices Dropping is Good News for Louisville


Amidst all the buzz surrounding bringing an NBA team (i.e. The Sacramento Kings) to Louisville, one of the main arguments from all the naysayers was that is simply too expensive and the town could never support it.

Welp, the sports business outlet Team Marketing Report announced on Wednesday that the average price of a nonpremium seat dropped 2.5 percent to $48. That follows a 2.8 percent decrease last season.

As far as Louisville’s local market competitors? Memphis is last on the list with an average ticket price of just $23.81 a ticket. The Washington Wizards are next lowest at $24.52 and the Indiana Pacers round out the bottom three with an average ticket price of just $29.13.

Keep in mind these are AVERAGE ticket prices, which means there are seats available for both more and less than the stated amount. There are also endless promotions to get families in the stadium/arenas.

For a more in-depth analysis of whether or not the city of Louisville can support an NBA team click here.


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