NBA Week 8 Games You Should be Watching

Linsanity ran through the league last week. What will be the talk of the town this week? Which NBA games are worth watching? All time are eastern:

Tuesday at 7:00 PM, the Pacers try and cool the Heat. What's great about the Pacers is that they play elite teams tough. That's why this game will be entertaining. If the Pacers win, Darren Collison will have a big game. He's more skilled than the Miami PG's and the Pacers need to get him going. That can force the Heat to change their coverage on him. That could open up the Pacer wing players for great shots. Heat are on the end of a three games in three nights stretch, Pacers win.

Wednesday at 8:30 PM, Denver battles Dallas. Should be exciting! These are two teams that really play together. While Dirk is a star for sure, it's not like he is a ball hog. Everyone plays a role and that's the beauty of how they play. Dallas gets this win. Denver will keep it close, but Dirk, who's still coming into this season, will finish the game for Dallas.

Thursday at 8:00 PM, the Bulls play the Celtics. Hoping Derrick Rose will be back for this game. Assuming he is, Chicago will be poised to get this win. Losing to the Celtics Sunday, the Bulls need to redeem themselves. Having Derrick Rose will be crucial to do that. he'll make Rondo work more and be the catalyst and leader the Bulls lacked. Bulls win under Rose's leadership.

Friday at 8:00 PM, the Sixers look to slow down the Mavericks. High energy game this should be! Sixers have been a joy this season. They still need to beat better teams though. Here's another chance for them to do so. Jrue Holiday vs. Jason Kidd will be key. Holiday has a chance to show his astuteness against the future HOF'er Kidd. There's few other experiences that could mold a young guard better. Holiday and the Sixers will celebrate this Friday with a win.

Saturday at 10:00 PM, the Hawks attempt to soar over the Blazers. Atlanta's effort on Sunday night against Miami was atrocious. Hopefully they'll be back to actually playing ball almost a week removed from that. Portland is a tough match, they'll have to bring it. Can the Blazers contain Lamarcus Aldridge? Without Al Horford, they probably can't. That's a huge problem. If Lamarcus goes off but the rest of the Blazers are contained, there's still a chance Atlanta can win. If LMA isn't the only guy scoring consistently, Atlanta will lose. Blazers outsize Atlanta and win.

Sunday at 8:00 PM, the Nuggets look to dispel the Thunder. Wouldn't this be an awesome playoff matchup? Two athletic, young, deep teams that are hungry. Can't wait to see this game. Danilo Gallinari vs. Kevin Durant will be an indicator of who wins. This matchup is the deciding factor in a win or loss. Danilo Gallinari will have a solid game and Denver will win.

What do you have your eye on in the NBA this week?

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