NBA Week 7 Games You Should be Watching


Another week, another boat load of excitement! Teams are getting tired, feeling the pressure of this tightened schedule. Nevertheless, they're still going out and competing hard. Which games are worth watching this week? All times are eastern!

Monday at 7:00 PM, the Lakers play the Sixers. Philly has been in a tough part of their schedule and handling it OK. They beat Chicago handily and then got beaten by Miami handily. Inconsistency can be expected from a young team. They'll come out strong in this game and revive themselves. Sixers win.

Tuesday at 10:30 PM, OKC meets Golden State. OKC should have the upper hand, but this is the most promising game of the night. Golden State could come out with solid effort and make it a game. Let's hope Monta Ellis and crew can set an offensive tone. This will allow them to get back on D and stay in this game. OKC still wins, they have too much talent.

Wednesday at 7:00 PM, the Cavaliers battle the Clippers. This should be a battle. The Cavaliers are a fighting team (their persistence is amazing) and they'll claw throughout this game. Kyrie Irving vs. Chris Paul will be awesome. Cavs may have trouble containing Blake Griffin. Hopefully Anderson Varejo can bring all of his tricks and his best game. Cavs will keep the game close and steal it in crunch time!

Thursday at 8:00 PM, Boston looks to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers. Boston is almost where they need to be. They've had time to get their chemistry and legs. They need a few more tests before they have a clearer idea of where they are. This will be an important examination. The Lakers bench will be the key to a win or loss for LAL. Their inability to execute offensively has hurt the Lakers. If the Laker bench scores a bit, the Lakers stand to win. If the bench provides nothing, they'll lose. This game will be close, but the Lakers win.

Friday at 8:00 PM, the Pacers hope to better the Grizzlies. Two teams on the outside of the upper echelon. These teams show signs of greatness, but don't have the talent and/or consistency to be up there with the Bulls, Thunder and Heat of this world. This is a game where one team can prove they should be in the upper echelon. The Pacers are a more stacked team (due to the Grizzlies injuries), so they'll take this game.

Saturday at 7:00 PM, Indiana looks to lower the altitude of Denver. Denver is legit. They're tough, deep and spirited. Love their team and attitude. The Pacers are on the end of a back-to-back and they'll feel it in this game. Denver runs them out of the building.

Sunday at 3:30 PM, Chicago will face Boston. Huge game for Boston. This is a game where they'll face a playoff opponent (probably). Rose vs. Rondo is the deciding factor. Who wins this battle? Rose will this time and the Bulls will come away victorious.

What NBA games/moments are you looking forward to this week?

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