NBA Week 6 Games You Should be Watching

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This season never stops. Go, go and keep going! I missed some of last weeks game while traveling, but I'm ready for a full week of games now! This is what to watch and all times are eastern!

Tuesday at 8:00 PM, the Nuggets and Grizzlies fight for supremacy. Both teams have been of late, but the Grizzlies (when fully healthy) are better. Compared to the stretch coming later this week, Denver will look at this as a game to win. The Nuggets will do so, but it'll be close

Wednesday at 7:00 PM, the Sixers battle the Bulls. This comes down to which point guard plays better. Derrick Rose vs. Jrue Holiday. Rose is a star, clearly elite. Doug Collins is high on Jrue Holiday, but the young guard has only shown flashes of matching Rose. Holiday can prove he's close to Rose's greatness and lead the Sixers to victory. Holiday will play well and the Sixers will surprise Chicago.

Thursday at 10:30 PM, the Clippers look to steal the Nuggets treasure. The Clippers need to prove the can execute. This is another chance for the Clippers to prove they can play when it counts. Denver isn't going to allow them to steal the game either. Denver is rough and deep, it won't be easy. Chris Paul can make things easier and he will help the Clippers win tonight.

Friday at 10:30 PM, the Lakers and Nuggets square off. Denver is facing an incredibly tough stretch here. They're going to slug through parts of it and this could be a let down game. The Lakers will take advantage of the Nuggets tired legs and win.

Saturday at 10:00 PM, the Nuggets finish a back-to-back-to-back against the Blazers. After lossing a tough one to Los Angeles, Denver will recover strongly. While Portland is another super formidable opponent, the Nuggets will utilize their bench and fight through all the games they play. Denver edges out Portland.

Sunday at 12:00 PM, the Grizzlies look to stop the Celtics. Boston is rounding into shape and the Grizz are continuing to find their identity despite injuries. Boston is really starting to show signs of improvement and they will continue to. Boston wins.

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