NBA Video: Lakers Phil Jackson’s Final Press Conference

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In the end, Phil Jackson went out with all of the style and grace that you would expect from him. Unlike his team, Jackson seemed strangely content with all that had happened up to that point, seemingly realizing that he had led the Los Angeles Lakers as far as he could possibly take them.

His last ever press conference (for now) contained everything from sarcastic replies to thoughtful nostalgia – and for a few moments at least, everyone in attendance forgot about the embarrassment that was the Lakers 0-4 sweep to the Dallas Mavericks in order to fully appreciate one of the greats in his truest form.

Among the highlights of the Q&A session were: Phil citing the first title with the Lakers as his favorite of this latest era, implying that he would still have a part in the Lakers because he was shacking up with the owner’s daughter and reprimanding Rick Carlisle for not knowing how to ingest peyote.

Check out the full video below.


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