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NBA Video: Kings Evans Hits Amazing Game Winner vs. Grizzlies

The most amazing shot of this 2010-11 NBA season was witnessed by all of four people who tuned in to Wednesday’s spectacular heavyweight showdown between the Memphis Grizzlies and Sacramento Kings.

Yes, contrary to what LeBron would like to believe, those teams are still in the league.

With time winding down and his Grizzlies desperately needing a basket, O.J. Mayo put on his hero cape and hit a very tough 20-foot jumper to put his team ahead by one with a mere 1.5 seconds remaining.

The Kings, in turn, took possession of the ball out of bounds with no timeouts and having to cross the entire court to even have a chance at hitting the shot.

Game over, right?


Enter: Tyreke Evans.

Despite a somewhat disappointing follow-up campaign to his 2009-10 Rookie of the Year season, Evans restored a bit of excitement to ARCO Arena by launching a miracle basket from beyond half court and hitting it to give his Kings the win.

Check out the amazing shot in the clip HERE.


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