NBA Video: Bulls Taj Gibson Destroys Heat’s Wade with Vicious Dunk

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To say that Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson “embarrassed” Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade would be an understatement. It would be like casually mentioning that the Heat may have been slightly over-celebrated after their closeout win versus the Boston Celtics.

No, Gibson destroyed Wade. He annihilated the all-star guard. For the briefest of moments, he gave the fans in Chicago, Cleveland and anywhere else where they unreasonably hate the Heat a reason to grin. One of those places being my couch.

It all started with a turnover by Mario Chalmers, which Luol Deng scooped up and threw out to C.J. Watson. Taking note of the three-on-one break that had presented itself, Watson dropped a perfectly timed pass to Gibson who, in turn, put Wade -- the lone defender back -- on a poster deserving enough to be hung on Gabrielle Union’s wall.

After a dunk like that, the Bulls couldn’t help but win the game. Video of the fun can be found below.


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