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NBA Video: Bulls Derrick Rose Destroys Lakers, Scores Game-Winner

Nobody really gave the Los Angeles Lakers much of a shot versus the Chicago Bulls on Christmas Day. The Bulls, mind you, have the reigning regular season MVP playing point and one of the deepest benches in the whole association to wear down any and all challengers. Much to everyone’s shock, though, the Lakers actually looked very good for 90 percent of Sunday’s outing – thoroughly outworking and locking down Chicago for much of the game.

But then, when it mattered most, L.A. completely and totally collapsed under the weight of their own stupidity. Be it because of Mike Brown’s poor crunchtime coaching (why was Derek Fisher put back into the game?), or Kobe Bryant’s turnover-prone ways, the Lakers squandered away what looked to be a safe lead and ultimately gave up a game-winner to Derrick Rose in the most heartbreaking of fashions.

Video of Rose being Rose (and, sadly, Kobe being Kobe) below.

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