NBA Trade: Pistons Send Ben Gordon, 1st Round Pick to Bobcats for Corey Maggette

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According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Charlotte has traded Corey Maggette to Detroit for Ben Gordon and a 2013 lottery-protected first round pick.

Maggette only played 32 games last year and averaged 15 PPG... but shot a career-low 37.3 percent. For Detroit, this is good because this gets them out of Gordon's contract that has hefty numbers in the next two years ($25.6 million total and second year being a player option; of course, he'll take that option) and Maggette has an expiring deal where he'll earn nearly $11 million.

Charlotte, as we all know, needs everything. Ben Gordon wouldn't be a bad 2-guard off the bench (he's won Sixth Man of the Year, which he did in his rookie year). And he'll get plenty of looks for the Bobcats (with Maggette gone, of course!). The contract isn't very attractive but, at least, it's only two years. If Detroit makes the playoffs next season, Charlotte will get their pick (according to Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated, it's Top 8-protected in 2014, #1-protected in 2015, and unprotected in 2016).

Detroit wants to be players in the 2013 offseason and Charlotte is just trying to improve (kinda hard NOT to improve after a 7-win season). The first step is getting Maggette out of there (as he puts his head down all the way to Detroit). I understand what they're both doing.

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