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NBA Trade: Clippers, Mavs, Jazz, Rockets Involved in 4-Team Deal for Lamar Odom

It was first reported by Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News and then confirmed later by others... though it has now upgraded to a four-team deal.

CLIPPERS GET: Lamar Odom from Dallas.
JAZZ GET: Mo Williams from Clippers, Shan Foster (2012 2nd Round pick) from Mavericks.
MAVERICKS GET: $8.2 million trade exception and Tadija Dragicevic (2008 2nd Round pick) from Utah, cash considerations from Rockets.
ROCKETS GET: Furkan Aldemir (2012 2nd Round pick) from Clippers.

Let's talk about the main principles of this trade: Williams and Odom.

These are both players' second tour of duty with their respective teams. Mo Williams was drafted by the Jazz in the second round and spent his rookie season there. Odom spent his first four years with the Clippers. Mo came off the bench for the Clippers last year, averaging 13.2 points per game. But there were some reports that he desired a bigger role so him getting dealt was no surprise. Odom easily had his worst season with the Mavericks as he looked very lost in the shuffle. It seemed he never got over getting dealt by the Lakers.

Utah has Devin Harris starting at PG so I'm not sure if he'll get a bigger role in Utah. When motivated, Lamar Odom can just fit in anywhere as he's one of the rare jack-of-all-trade players in the league today. I always expect him to thrive... but now that he's back in familiar surroundings, I can't see him do worse than he did in Dallas.

As for the Mavericks? They're just happy to get rid of Lamar Odom. Now they resume their quest to go land that free agent point guard from the Nets.

PHOTO CREDITS: AP and Glenn James/Getty Images.

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