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NBA Trade: 3-Way Deal Between Lakers, Nets and Rockets

According to Yahoo Sports, the Los Angeles Lakers, New Jersey Nets and Houston Rockets have agreed in principle to a three-team trade.

Reportedly, the deal will send Terrence Williams to the Rockets, Sasha Vujacic to the Nets and Joe Smith to the Lakers. As usual, there are token first and second round picks involved, but since the draft picks come from the Lakers they will likely be far too low in the draft to really matter.

The trade cannot be finalized until Wednesday, the first day that free agents who signed in the summer can be traded.

Minutes before the Lakers tipped off against the Wizards in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, Laker broadcasters were surprised to see Vujacic come out with the Lakers. Typically, if a trade is a done deal, a player won't play another game with that team -- even if the trade hasn't technically happened yet.

Two thoughts on the move...

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