An NBA Team to Virginia Beach? Maybe Not


At least one politician in Virginia is not simply rubber-stamping the ridiculous plans to build an NBA arena in Virginia Beach without an NBA team — the governor.

From the AP:

Gov. Bob McDonnell will not include $150 million in his proposed budget to help bring an NBA team to Virginia Beach, a spokesman said on Friday.

Virginia Beach is considering building a $300 million, 18,500-seat arena near the oceanfront to persuade an unnamed professional sports team to relocate there. The city asked the state to pay $70 million for construction and $80 million toward the unidentified team’s relocation costs. A likely target for relocation would be the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, which failed to reach an agreement to build a new arena there this spring.

Without state assistance, city officials have said the arena deal would be dead. Under the city’s proposal, the unnamed team would not make any financial contributions toward the arena’s construction, which would be built on city-owned land.

What happens when cities build NBA arenas to “persuade” teams to relocate there? Just ask Kansas City, which has a five-year-old $276 million arena and no tenants…

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